ZIGZAG is an easy-to-use, and fun-to-use sewing app that acts as a resource for beginner to advanced sewists. ZIGZAG is an app that inspires rather than intimidates.

Young sewists are looking for forward-leaning sewing patterns and tutorials. The sewing community needs a space that doubles as a resource. Existing sewing resources lack clarity and style.
My UX and UI research brought me to the following questions 

① Can we bring clarification, structure, and a visual language to sewing patterns and tutorials?

② How might we focus on affordability and accessibility of sewing resources?

③ Could we modernize the sewing community to match the contemporary sewist’s style?
That’s where ZIGZAG comes in. ZIGZAG is colorful, designed to help you learn real skills, and even share your own makes once you master those skills.

Final Portfolio, student project
MassArt Graphic Design Certificate program
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